About Patel Tennis

The coaches at Patel Tennis have traveled to over 40 countries in the world for ATP and ITF tournaments, both as players and coaching.  Currently, Patel Tennis is coaching Fountain Valley High School and have over 60 players, boys and girls team. This opportunity allows Patel Tennis to deliver unique diversity and understanding with the different age, gender, religion and race.

Students also receive life lessons on how to maximize their talents and success from coaches that are well experienced from an international background.

The game of tennis is always changing and along with this the coaches have to constantly improve their ways of teaching.  Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal have brought tennis to the next level.  What we see in tennis matches now, we have never seen before, the past 10 years have brought a lot of change.  Patel Tennis coaches keep up with the new trends in the game and stay updated by doing lots of research.  The coaches constantly improve the techniques so that students will always have an up to date knowledge of the game.


Our Mission at Patel Tennis is to help our players identify and reach their full potential through hard work with a well experienced coaching staff.

Patel Tennis’ coaches understand the barriers that some students may face and they have the ability to help each individual conquer and succeed.


The philosophy of Patel Tennis is to establish a strong foundation based on the fundamentals of the game, while maintaining professionalism on the court.