Harshul Patel

Founder and Director

Coach Harshul PatelHarshul Patel’s coaching experience spans a 18 year period during which he has developed an excellent reputation as a tennis professional.  He started his coaching career in Australia at the Roche Racquet Resort where he worked and trained as an assistant coach under the direction of Tony Roche.

After leaving Australia, he travelled with the Indian Tennis Federation (ITF) Boys and Girls National Team, coaching and preparing them for tournaments in Asia, Africa and Australia.

For the past 14 years Harshul has spent his time establishing himself as a private coach in the Orange County area of Southern California.  As a Director at the Mark Walpole Tennis Academy (formerly Vic Braden Tennis College), he was able to train and work with Vic Braden and become a full time trainer for juniors.  While developing and expanding the academy, Harshul did extensive research with regards to the bio-mechanics of the tennis stroke and utilizes this knowledge in his coaching.  In 2002, he became a private tennis instructor to clients ranging from beginners to International and NCAA ranked players.  Harshul is nationally accredited by USPTA-P1 (since 1998) and PTR – Professional (Since 1993).

Currently, Harshul is the Head Tennis Coach for the Boys and Girls at Fountain Valley High School.

Harshul has worked with many tennis players in the United States, and from around the world, many of whom have won more than 100 titles.  These titles include:

  • ATP Challenger Tournament
  • ITF Futures Tournament
  • USTA Nationals
  • State Championships (India)

Harshul Patel is currently working with these players:

  • Mikey Zabalan (USA, # 76 B-u18, So.Cal, Point Loma University)
  • Michael Rubin (USA, ATP #853)
  • Sophia Bott (USA, So Cal 43 U 18, Oregon,# 1 G-U18)
  • Melissa Breisacher (USA, University of California, San Diego)
  • Carey Rubin (USA, WTA Hitting Pro.)
  • Mazy Watrous ( USA, So Cal U 16, Rank # 19, U 18)
  • Matt Labarre (Canada, Alberta, # 4, Boys U 14)
  • Ille Van Engelen (Netherland, National # 87, ATP # 1346)
  • Jochem Hoefnagels (Netherland, National Ranking #96)
  • Alex Lane (USA, SCTA Mens # 8)
  • Garrett Labarre (Canada, Alberta, # 1 Boys U 18)
  • Michael Bott (USA, Oregon, # 11 B-U14)
  • Molly Brooks (LeHigh University)
  • Jonathon Lieu (B-U14, SoCal # 39, 2011)
  • Nicole Smith (Arizona University)

Players that Harshul has worked with in the past:

  • Sunilkumar Sipayea (India #1, ATP ranked # 340)
  • Harsh Mankad (India #1, NCAA #1, ATP ranked # 220)
  • Sarah Fanslar (USC)
  • Jay Patel (UCI and Denver University)
  • Jonathan Koury (Dayton University)
  • Lola Ajilore (Harvard University)
  • Matthew Siow (Princeton)
  • Veronica Li (Standford)
  • Molly Scott (Dartmouth)
  • Amy Trankino (UCI)
  • Sebastian River  (Ecuador, ATP #723)
  • Matthijs Bolsius (Netherland, National Ranking #77)
  • Moises Cardenas (Peru, ATP #1299)
  • Frank Sherrill (USA, National Mens #196 Singles, #1 Doubles)
  • Jackie Trendt (USA, University of Pomona #1)
  • Gannon Daynes (USA, Boys U 16, SCTA # 7, National # 40)


Jay Patel

Coach: PTR Professional

Coach Jay Patel

Jay Patel, brother of Harshul Patel, has over 7 years of coaching experience.  He started playing in India and was Top Ranked (#1) in the state of Gujarat and Ranked Top 5 Junior Nationally in India.  He moved to Australia in 1994 to train at the Roche Racquet Resort and from here traveled to ITF tournaments around the world representing India.  In 1997 Jay attended University of California, Irvine, and played Division 1 college tennis on a scholarship.  He finished of his first year and transferred to University of Denver where he continued on the same path for tennis and graduated in 2003.  All 4 years of college he was a scholar athlete.  During his Junior year, Jay worked with many top ranked tennis players and coaches including Tony Roche and Vic Braden and has used this experience to continue coaching.  Jay Patel is nationally credited by the USPTA and has been a member for 3 years.